Anna's story

Ravenswood has been her home for over 50 years and she knows every inch

I am Christine, and my sister Anna has been at Ravenswood since 1968. It has not always been happy, but now I’m really glad to say it is.

Anna was 20 when she arrived at Ravenswood. She had been at normal, if eccentric, schools till then and had never encountered people with learning difficulties. She found it extremely difficult to accept. There has never been a diagnosis of her problems, but recently I have worked out that she must have a rare condition called Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Our parents wanted somewhere safe for her to live and as we lived nearby they were recommended for her to come to Ravenswood even though we are not Jewish. That has never been a problem.

Very soon I took over looking after her. In those days it was usual for everyone to come home in the holidays, and she came to us. She was part of my family of husband and gradually 4 children who all loved her and still do, and at the time she hated going back to Ravenswood. It was very distressing.

Only after many years did she become happy and settled, in the Farmhouse and with carers she loves, some of whom she has known for many years. She still asks when she is coming “home" but has coped with Covid much better than I feared. So much has been done to keep them busy and active. To move her now would be really bad for her when she has at last found a home at Ravenswood.

Anna would find living in a town very difficult. She loves flowers and birds and animals, and surprises her carers with her knowledge of the various names of everything as she walks round the village. Even though there have been some rough times it has been her home for over 50 years and she knows every inch.

We are totally behind the Friends of Ravenswood and everything they are doing. I am so glad you are here.


Anna's sister

Ravenswood Village is currently under consultation with the possibility of closure. Please show your support for our families and friends to keep their home by signing the petition below. These are vulnerable people who deserve to continue to live where they feel happy, loved and safe.

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