Deborah's story

Finding a forever home at Ravenswood has meant the world to Deborah

My daughter Deborah is 33 years old. She was still born and resuscitated resulting in oxygen deprivation - this caused damage to her brain and complex needs due to Cerebral Palsy, severe learning disability, and she's visually impaired, has autism and epilepsy. Deborah has resided at Ravenswood for 8 years.

Deborah has never lived in an urban environment

As a family this has had a huge impact on us – time spent together is relaxed and enjoyable rather than fraught and stressful. It meant that we have been able to take Deborah on weekends away and holidays abroad, which previously we would not have been able or felt confident enough to do. Deborah is supported by staff to enjoy music, arts and crafts, bike rides, hikes, days out to the beach and going to the nearby sports centre for activities. The personal sacrifices staff have made and the care provided residents during COVID has been a testament to their determination to ensure our children are kept safe and well.

Any major changes could have a devastating impact on her life, mental health and wellbeing

Her life has also been much improved by environment provided by Ravenswood - she has a great amount of freedom and access to community resources which benefit her health and wellbeing. The semi-rural setting is the same as her home environment for the 25 years previous. Deborah has never lived in an urban environment and finds it very difficult to cope with the sensory overload presented in an urban setting. Deborah's disabilities mean consistency of care and provision is so important for her, any major changes could have a devastating impact on her life, mental health and wellbeing. The Ravenswood model aligns with current CQC best practice model for Learning Disable and Autism and Deborahs residence is rated Good. There are always improvements to be made and in my opinion Ravenswood is an example of best practice.

Deborah also benefits from spiritual and cultural enrichment, visits to the Synagogue and from the Rabbi, participating in Purim and Passover. I feel a sense of deep gratitude to the founders of Ravenswood, the patrons and to the Jewish Community as a whole.

The Jewish heritage of Ravenswood is deeply significant, it is something to be proud of and sustained for future generations. The forward-thinking founders of Ravenswood have gifted us and our family members a unique resource which provides the highest quality model of care.


Deborah's mother

Ravenswood Village is currently under consultation with the possibility of closure. Please show your support for our families and friends to keep their home by signing the petition below. These are vulnerable people who deserve to continue to live where they feel happy, loved and safe.

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