Eli's story

We all want to give our children the best possible chance in life, don’t we?

When my son Elan (Eli), was finally placed in Ravenswood Village, I knew that he was home.

With his special needs, his behaviour was very challenging. During his mood swings he would run around like a ‘bull with a thorn in his foot’, unable to cope with noise or unfamiliar people, and being non-verbal he could not communicate.

The Village is exactly what Eli likes, it’s peaceful and calm, and nestled in the countryside it is at one with nature. The residents are a community of friends, a family, in familiar and safe territory.

For Eli, it has proven to be a mecca of excellence, being so vulnerable, this haven of tranquility is perfect for him. His dedicated carers are nurturing and loving, and forty years on, it’s place where he has been able to blossom and grow to his full potential. He is encouraged to achieve his maximum level of independence, while ensuring that he is not at risk.

When he lived with 6 others in a home, he found it very difficult and his behaviour deteriorated, but now he has his own apartment, his behaviour’s improved radically. He relaxes with his carers in his lounge, if he gets agitated he takes himself to his bedroom, he walks into his kitchen for a snack, and can go out into his spacious garden, all at will. He is in control and he has choices. He enjoys his activities: swimming, music sessions and rides in his own bus.

A while ago, Eli, who had never spoken, stood perfectly still, ‘with me’ for a moment, and greeted me with, ’Ayoo mummum’! A testament to the outstanding support given to Eli over many years.

We, Eli’s family, are eternally grateful to Ravenswood, not only for the amazing care they’ve given him, but for allowing the rest of his family to live their lives and breathe easily, knowing that Eli’s in the best of hands.


Eli's Mother

Ravenswood Village is currently under consultation with the possibility of closure. Please show your support for our families and friends to keep their home by signing the petition below. These are vulnerable people who deserve to continue to live where they feel happy, loved and safe.

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